Why the name Baarstua?


Under the Second World War, all the houses in Finnmark were burned.

When the war was over and the first houses were rebuildt

they called these houses ”Baarstu”.

Later when the people got better materials and built new houses,

The bårstu became a house besides the main building

where guests and workers could live.

The architect designed our guesthouse in same stile as these houses,

but a little bit bigger….

...after local authorities wishes.


”Baarstuchat” is also a known designation up in Finnmark.

 In the baarstu they told a lot of local stories and gossip.


We want to be a portal to local stories and culture,

that's why we have a site with pictures

where it later will come some information

about sights in Alta and Finnmark.


We want to share our knowledge, so just ask!



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